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Revit Courses

Introduction to Instabase in the Cloud (IITC):  Register Now!
Have you heard? Our old Instabase system has been replaced with a new Cloud-based Instabase. There are many advantages to using the new Instabase for finding and selecting luminaire photometric data files for your lighting projects, including: always accessing the latest information available, downloading just what you need, using expanded search parameters to help you find luminaires that meet your criteria, searching across multiple manufacturers, creating collections of Favorites and sharing them with others, and much more!

This FREE webinar will introduce you to the new Instabase and help you to become more efficient in your approach to finding and selecting luminaires for your projects.


  • A basic understanding of luminaire photometry

Roadway Lighting with AGi32:  Register Now!
Roadway lighting design and calculations are different from other kinds of exterior lighting projects, and the same goes for the way that they are accomplished in AGi32. This webinar will give a brief introduction to roadway design and analysis with AGi32. We will use Roadway Optimizer to compare potential luminaires and various lighting system configurations. The Roadway Calculations dialog will also be introduced, for calculating larger areas of analysis.

The attendee will learn how changing the Settings for Roadway Optimizer can affect results, as well as how to create a custom roadway “standard” that allows the Observer to be at a different distance from the calculation points, and other changes to the roadway grid calculation parameters.


  • An understanding of basic roadway lighting terminology, including: lumen, intensity, candela, luminance, illuminance, footcandle, lux, and veiling luminance
  • A general understanding of roadway lighting design, methodology, and criteria

Understanding Luminaire Photometry:  Register Now!
Does a luminaire photometric test report seem like a “black box” to you, or perhaps something only lighting geeks need to understand? Au contraire! There is much relevant and useful data contained in a photometric test report from which any lighting practitioner can benefit! This webinar will introduce the attendee to the concepts of luminaire photometry. Among the topics to be covered are the information found in reports for indoor and outdoor luminaires, the differences between LED luminaire tests and other types, and the ways in which this information can be valuable in initial luminaire evaluation and selection.

The attendee will learn the various methods used for testing luminaires, including far-field vs. near-field methods, absolute vs. relative photometry, and the differences between type B and type C photometric tests. The characteristics of a photometric testing lab and the constraints and limitations inherent in luminaire photometry will also be covered.

Are you LC? This course is registered with NCQLP for 2 LEUs.

Ways to Enhance Your AGi32 Project:  Register Now!
You’ve created a model, placed luminaires and calculation points, and calculated. The results are good and you’re ready to go. Or are you? If you need to share the information with the design team or the owner of the project, will they be impressed by the numbers alone? Will they understand them? How can you enhance your project to better convey its value and your design concept? This webinar will cover a variety of ways that AGi32 can help!

For example: Have you ever wanted to compare renderings of two similar solutions side by side to highlight the subtle differences? Did you instead find that they didn’t look that much different? We will examine how to successfully make such a comparison.

Similarly, have you ever calculated and found that while the numbers were as expected, the rendering looked too dark or too light? We will look at how the Exposure setting can correct for this.

Would you like to add objects or people to your project, but you don’t have time to create them yourself? We will take a quick look at AGi32’s Objects Library, as well as how to import objects from SketchUp, including from the enormous SketchUp Warehouse.

We will cover PseudoColor and Grayscale as ways to convey quantitative information without grids of points. Another “color” topic is Color Bleed. Sounds icky, but it is actually a real, and very cool, effect that you can adjust in AGi32 renderings.

This webinar will also cover the use of Background Images obtained from Google Earth or elsewhere, how to apply custom Textures in your model, and the steps necessary to create a custom luminaire symbol that can be used with your luminaire photometry.

Join us for a bunch of fun, helpful topics!


  • This is an intermediate-level webinar. It is assumed that you have at least basic AGi32 skills.

General Information:
All courses are taught using the most current version of AGi32 or Photometric Toolbox.


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