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Snowboard promotional video for Burn Energy drinks (Coca-Cola Company)

Lighting designer and AGi32 reseller in London, Chris Jackson recently designed, built and installed the lighting & rails for this unique opportunity.

In Chris’s words: I spent 4-weeks designing and building the LED obstacles, EL Snowboards, Energlo suits with EL as well as the wiring, controls, etc. We then spent 4-days and nights inside Europe’s largest snow dome building the set, installing the obstacles, wiring, filming…probably the hardest 4-days of my life. I think I totalled about 12-hours sleep as we could only film between 11pm and 8am and it ranged from -7 ~ -25 (C) at night…it was like snowboarding in Vegas…on the moon.

I designed the set using AGi32…of course! The model of the building was built in 3D Studio and then imported into AGi32 via DWG. There is no photometry used – apart from purple tinted floods to simulate what black light might look like – we simply modelled the light source (MONOFLEX LED tape) within the rails and then set the colour and luminance of those objects accordingly.


Watch the Video: YouTube link
See some amazing photographs:

Read the full press release.

The location was Snow World in a town called Landgraaf, Holland…The irony…flattest country in the world with the biggest snow dome in Europe.

We designed and built all the rails and integrated a flexible LED tape (MONOFLEX-C 4000K) between the rails and covered them with opal polycarbonate strips. LED was held in place with magnetic tape, which turned out to be a stroke of genius as none of the vast array of adhesive tapes would stick to frozen metal. We had over 1km of cabling to wire up the system, I used a Pharos LPC1 architectural DMX controller and built a small keypad (contact closure) so I could programme the lighting to react in a different way when each button was press – acted like a 8 button keyboard so you could just go crazy pressing buttons and the lighting would glitch, flash, strobe, flicker, etc.

I also designed a top sheet for the snowboard made from EL panels supplied by (USA), this was run from battery packs secured around the waist. We designed and tailored 4 suits made from Energlo (glow in the dark material) with integrated EL wire in the seams.

We also have a 6w RGB laser, gobo projectors and 14 x 400w black light cannons and tonnes of other equipment.

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