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AGi32 lighting design and rendering software selected by Computer Graphics World as one of the most innovative visual design products of 2000

AGi32’s impressive speed is honored as the only lighting design software ever to win this prestigious computer graphics industry award

Littleton, Colorado - January 2, 2001 - Lighting Analysts, Inc., a world leader in lighting design and rendering software for the architectural lighting community, is pleased to announce that its AGi32 lighting design software has been selected by Computer Graphics World magazine to receive recognition in its 2000 Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards are given annually each December for product innovations released that year that extend the reach of visual computing and exhibit the true spirit of computer graphics innovation.

AGi32 is the only lighting design software to have received this honor in the seven years Computer Graphics World has been announcing these awards. With a circulation of 70,000 worldwide, CGW is the leading publication covering technological advances in the global computer graphics visualization industry.

Here's what CGW had to say about AGi32 in the December, 2000 issue:

AGi32 - Proprietary global illumination algorithms enable the AGi32 lighting design environment from Lighting Analysts to perform radiosity calculations for complex architectural environments "on the fly" in seconds to minutes rather than hours or days. The tool incorporates the company’s Helios32 radiosity renderer to generate both full-color architectural visualizations and physically correct photometric predictions for complex virtual environments made up of unlimited luminaires, calculation points, and reflective and transmissive surfaces. The Windows-based program also includes a library of lighting manufacturers's product data. AGi32 is available for $895. (Lighting Analysts; Littleton, CO;

-Computer Graphics World, December 2000

In their introduction to the awards, the editors noted "It’s never easy for the editors of Computer Graphics World to winnow a relative few products from the field of outstanding new CG hardware and software that arrives each year. This, our seventh consecutive innovation awards selection, was no exception. However, we did manage to choose 21 truly innovative products that we believe extend the frontiers of visual computing. … We extend congratulations to each of this year's winners, and we hope that the year to come reveals innovations as impressive as these - The Editors.

About AGi32 lighting design and rendering software

Feature-rich AGi32 (advanced graphical interface - 32 bit) is the first lighting design software program to combine fast photometric calculation speed and the ability to create photometrically correct renderings for complex environments quickly in one easy-to-use package. AGi32 enhances the design process for lighting designers working with any type of electric lighting in projects ranging from interior spaces in offices, schools, hotels, homes and retail, through to exterior settings such as roadways, building facades, bridges, sports stadiums and parking areas.

One of the most important features of AGi32 is that it allows architects, lighting designers, and interior designers to communicate their designs visually rather than with numbers. While AGi32 excels at numeric calculations, the access to an instant "visual impression" represents an entirely new paradigm for lighting design.

AGi32 automates many time-consuming aspects of the design process, freeing up designers to focus on conceptualization and design. For example, the high-powered computation engine delivers revolutionary gains in calculation performance, delivering full-color renderings and complex lighting calculations in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.

The system also incorporates a comprehensive library of lighting products from many leading lighting manufacturers, ready for quick inclusion in any design. Pictures and photometric data can be displayed for every product, and users can locate and edit those luminaires, both graphically and tabularly, with ease.

In addition, for designers interested in building complex architectural shapes, AGi32 already contains domes, vaults, curves and extrusions ready for easy implementation, eliminating the need for a lighting designer to spend hours composing a 3D model in a CAD program. Within minutes of selecting the specifications, AGi32 has created the model, computed results, and produced a remarkable rendering.

About Lighting Analysts, Inc.

Founded in 1984, Lighting Analysts, Inc. ( is a world leader in lighting design software. Lighting Analysts, Inc. software systems are used by designers and architects worldwide to aid in the conceptualization and design of lighting for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. These applications range from interior spaces in offices, schools, libraries, hotels, private residences and stores to exterior settings such as roadways, building facades, landscape lighting, bridges, parking areas and sports stadiums.

Media contact:

Steve Campbell
Campbell & Company Strategies Inc.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
(604) 888-5267

AGi32 lighting design and rendering software
Technical Features and Notes

AGi32 has four key features:

  1. Accurate numerical analysis. AGi32 utilizes a completely new, high-powered computation engine based on state-of-the-art radiosity techniques that delivers impressive performance gains for both calculations and renderings. In fact, for complex projects, AGi32's high-powered computation engine delivers revolutionary gains in calculation performance, delivering full-color renderings and complex lighting calculations in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.

  2. Rendered visual evaluation. In the architectural lighting community, a picture is worth a thousand words. AGi32 provides photometrically correct computer graphic renderings for any lighting application. While the numbers prove adherence to the specification, the rendering will sell the project. More to the point, the product’s fast rendering capability provides an impressive evaluation medium for designers, by allowing them to visualize various design ideas during the conceptual stage. An important point to note is that AGi32 can generate industry-standard VRML 97 files for interactive 3D viewing of the renderings. Moreover, the user can interactively view the renderings even while the lighting calculations are ongoing.

  3. Ease of modeling. The creation of three-dimensional models is especially easy within AGi32 - odd shapes, curves and irregular ceilings can be described with minimal effort, eliminating the need to create a 3-D CAD drawing. AGi32 provides simple drawing tools internally, a digitizer interface, and import/export of CAD-created DXF files.

  4. Flexible analysis tools. AGi32 provides the ability to incorporate practically unlimited numbers of computational points in plane or line format, unlimited luminaires and luminaire types, four luminaire aiming angles, reflective or transmissive objects, lighting power density computation, CIE glare rating criteria, roadway luminance per IESNA RP-8, extensive 3-D reflective geometry, and more.

Recommended system requirements. Pentium II or III, Windows 95, 98, NT4 or Win 2000, 128 MB RAM, CD-ROM, OpenGL acceleration provided by video card, and minimum resolution 1024 X 768. Color printer or large format plotter, sound and VRML support (download plug-in for IE or Netscape) are optional.

Minimum system requirements. Pentium-based PC, Windows 95, 98, NT4 or Win 2000, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM, OpenGL support provided by Windows, minimum resolution 1024 X 768, any windows-compatible printer.

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