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Photometric Toolbox Version 1.7
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We have implemented some nice changes for Photometric Toolbox users in Version 1.7. While the look and feel of the product has not changed (a welcome relief we guess), internally, version 1.7 is a whole new animal. Gone is the extensive interaction with the Windows registry. As a result of this internal re-engineering, we now have complete MS-Vista compliance and a smoother and more gracefully functioning product.

There are some nice user oriented features such as IES file drag-n-drop and a Windows file association for IES files that allows you to open them on double click from Explorer.

IES file icon

However, the real meat of Version 1.7 is its complete support for SSL products using the absolute method of luminaire photometry (IES LM-79), and, the robust implementation of the new BUG rating criteria for outdoor lighting.

SSL (absolute photometry)
Photometric Toolbox now computes the total lumens emitted by the luminaire assembly for all absolute photometric tests. By using the “Luminaire Lumens” in place of lamp lumens in a relative photometric test, we are able to compute all of the metrics previously unavailable to absolute photometry reports such as CU values, LCS lumens, BUG ratings, LER and UWLR.

BUG Ratings
The final touch to IES document TM-15 is the outdoor luminaire rating system called B.U.G. standing for Backlight, Uplight and Glare respectively. Photometric Toolbox computes BUG ratings in the Road Report and Compare tool as well as for every luminaire in the Instabase (manufacturers photometric database). The implementation in the Instabase is very powerful as you can now query for specific BUG ratings across your favorite manufacturers product lines.

Users will also notice their first interaction with our new web-based registration server as keying the product is instantaneous and almost without human input. Our web-based key system now opens the door for exciting new “Sharing” technology that allows a single user license to be shared with a second computer (free), or to be shared with other licenses in a pool covering up to twenty computers (fee based). For a more complete discussion of sharing, read on!

Feature Where Implemented
Absolute photometry for SSL
  • Road report: Summary, BUG ratings, CU graph, LCS
  • Indoor report: Summary, CU table, Zonal lumens
  • Flood report: Summary
  • Instabase Characteristics
  • Compare Tool: Luminaire lumens, LCS, BUG
BUG Rating for outdoor luminaires
  • Instabase computes BUG
  • Road Report: Summary, LCS
  • Compare Tool
UWLR (Upward Waste Light Ratio)
  • Road report
  • Compare Tool
  • Instabase Characteristics
Absolute photometry for SSL
  • Road report: Summary, BUG ratings, CU graph, LCS
  • Indoor report: Summary, CU table, Zonal lumens
  • Flood report: Summary
  • Instabase Characteristics
  • Compare Tool: Luminaire lumens, LCS, BUG
IES file association
  • Icon for IES files, open with double click from Windows Explorer
Drag -n- Drop IES, LDT, CIB
  • Easily open any format by dragging from Windows Explorer

Important! Network customers MUST also install the free version 5.2 update to the network service!

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