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AGi32 - Migration Tips from 2.0 to 2.1
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Important tips for AGi32 version 2.0x users installing version 2.1

Program Compatibility

  • AGi32 Version 2.1 can coexist with older versions of the software (e.g. v2.04). However, please be aware of the following:
    • Photometric Instabases – During the initial startup of the program, Instabases are migrated for use in AGi32 v2.1 and Photometric Toolbox v1.7. After migration, any changes made to the Instabase settings in one version will have affects on Instabases in other versions. This ‘conflict’ will disappear in future releases
    • User created data (see below) is processed through a one-time migration process. During the initial startup of AGi32 v2.1, user created data from previous versions (if found) is automatically migrated for use in v2.1. However, any NEW user created data in one version will not be available in the other. This includes: Textures, Symbols, Arrangements, Collections, Library Objects, Drawing Blocks, Page Builder Report Files, Site Locations, Smart Symbols, Schedules
  • If installed, the complete version of Photometric Toolbox v1.7x will be available from within the Luminaire-Define dialog.
  • If using a network license, AGi32 version 2.1 is ONLY compatible with version 5.x of the LAI Network Service. A free upgrade to the service is available to all Network Service users. The existing service MUST be deauthorized before installing the new one.

Job File Compatibility

  • V2.0 to V2.1 – Compatible with the following exception:
    • Road grids in older version files need to be recreated and recalculated in v2.1 (Modify-Edit). On initial open they are converted to ‘_Converted-Illuminance Only’ roadway standard waiting to be edited.
  • V2.1 to V2.0 – Compatible with the following exceptions:
    • New Schedule Fields in v2.1 will not appear in older versions (e.g. BUG Rating)
    • Schedules-Display Name and User Data is not present in older versions
    • LLF – All extended factors present in v2.1 are mapped to LLD in older versions
    • Road calculations are NOT backward compatible and must be deleted before the file can be opened in an older version.

Operational Changes

  • Licensing has been totally revamped - Installation keys are automatically generated, new licensing options are available including License Sharing
  • V2.1 is Vista and Windows 7 compliant. This allows operation of the program as a Standard User. However, the program must be installed as an administrator
  • The AGi32 File System has been totally revamped in order to be Windows Compliant. This means a lot of files have been moved to new locations. See the Tool-System Settings help topic for more information
  • There is now only one setup file for all versions: New installations, updates, Trial versions, EDU versions. The differences in the programs operation are governed by the appropriate installation key
  • There is no official CD release. After throwing away a large number of AGi32 2.0 CD’s due to the fact that almost everyone is happy with electronic delivery, we elected to be “green” and avoid publishing the CD.

Support Files

  • The Sample files are no longer included in the program installation (setup). They are available as a separate download from our Downloads page
  • The Z-Lux Sample Photometric Instabase is not automatically installed with the setup. Photometric data (including Z-Lux) is available via the Instabase Manager

Command Changes

  • Import-AGI Files – Is now a separate command and is no longer an option from the CAD Import dialog (File-Import-Import AGI File)
  • The command Tools-Network License has been moved to Tools-Installation and License Manager
  • The Activate Disk function has been removed and replaced by Simple Sharing (free)
  • Define Luminaire changes:
    • EPA metric removed – Could add to schedule using user defined field (we don’t think anyone ever used this)
    • LLD, LDD and BF have been moved to Light Loss Factor Specification (click on Specify button)
    • Watts is now Luminaire Watts
  • Schedule changes:
    • ‘Retired’ fields – EPA, Watts (now Luminaire Watts)
    • Total Watts is now Arrangement Watts. Total Watts is redefined as: Arrangement Watts x Number of Locations
    • Total Lumens is now Arrangement Lamp Lumens
    • Most schedules can now be sorted via Project Manager
  • Roadway Optimizer and Add Calculation Points-Road have been completely revised. Please see the program Help for more information


  • All license keys are now generated immediately through the Installation License Manager (except EDU which are cross referenced).
  • We will no longer provide Installation keys via telephone
  • Single user licenses can be shared between desktop and laptop using Simple Sharing (free). We will no longer provide two unique installation keys for desktop and laptop.
  • The Version 2.1 Trial software is identical to the standard product, there are no performance limitations. Its use is limited to 30 days or 15 startups, which ever comes first.
  • 30-day and 90 day Term licenses are now available.

Customer Care/Troubleshooting

  • Hardware acceleration can be controled from within the program and localized to only AGi32 (Tools-System Settings_Advanced Render)
  • Access file system folders from with Tools-System Settings-File System
  • First backup file is .BAK file in same folder as job file. Use File-Open, change file type.
  • See System Settings-File System for working files location
  • AGi32 no longer allows working files to be located on a different drive than the program (FSTemp mapping, etc.).

Upgrading from AGi32 version 1.9 or earlier? See version 2.0 "Must Know" as well.

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