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AGi32 - About Version 2.0 Must Know
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Things You Need to Know About the AGi32 Version 2 Generation Software
(for users of previous AGi32 versions)

The AGi32 Development Team listened to cumulative user feedback from ten program generations to develop the Version 2 generation product. In response to those requests and comments, we have implemented a new and more intuitive interface that should be an easy adjustment for all migrating from versions 1.9 and earlier. In concert with the interface changes, we have made a few other improvements that are not obvious unless you spend 2 minutes reading the items below!

Function Keys

We have aligned common function keys with AutoCAD.


AGi32 v1.9x

AGi32 v2.x





Display Snap dialog

Viewpoints-Quick Add



Toggle SnapTo On/Off


Invokes "arc"

Invokes "arc"


Flip "arc"

Flip "arc"


Toggle Ortho Mode On/Off

Apply Anti-Aliasing


Toggle SnapTo On/Off

Toggle Model Overlay On/Off


Viewpoint-Quick Add

Toggle Ortho Mode On/Off


Advance To Render Mode

Toggle Snap On/Off


Advance To Normal Mode

Toggle Textures On/Off


Advance To Page Builder Mode

Toggle Wire Overlay On/Off




Transparent Commands Setting the Snap value or enabling the Snap, Snap-To and Ortho functions from the bottom of the screen is completely transparent and will NOT break commands in progress. Many commands in Render mode are also transparent and can be performed during calculations and interactive viewing, and while in standard views, Display Properties and more.
File Compatibility Version 2.0 and 2.1 files use the extension: *.AGI; previous AGi32 version files are *.A32. Version 2.0 and 2.1 will open all older *.A32 files; when saved, they become *.AGI files.

*.AGI files are NOT backward compatible and cannot be opened by older versions of AGi32. For more information, please see the following Knowledgebase Articles: #970, #972

AGI-Light and AGI-DOS files cannot be opened with AGi32 version 2. See Knowledgebase article #971.
Convergence We have simplifed the concept of calculating interreflected light by changing the calculation progress summary from Convergence (counting down to zero in decimal) to Light Absorbed in % (counting up in %). This is less abstract for most people! The old Radiosity Convergence Parameters (Calculate-Radiosity Convergence) have been simplified with some new presets and can be found in the menu adjacent to the Calculate button under Radiosity Stopping Criterion.
Adaptive Subdivision This important adjustment to AGi32's calculation rigor has been removed from the Calculate-Radiosity Convergence command (where it was NEVER used) and is now a separate and more clearly available command from the Calculate button menu. TIP: All indirect lighting calculations should have Adaptive Subdivision enabled with the Default preset.
Surface Types and Modifiers The number of Surface Types has been reduced, with the following properties becoming "modifiers" (yes/no): Removed, Daylight Exterior, Direct Flux Only.
Luminaire Symbols There are a large number of more realistic luminaire symbols in version 2. You can find them in a separate folder from the menu when specifying symbols. There are some other convenient changes to the symbol selection as well: Render symbol is now on top in the dialog and you can automatically associate the same symbol so there is no need to set both Render and Model symbols (unless you want to). Also notice the Model symbol color is outside the selection in the main Define dialog!

The procedure to create custom symbols has also changed slightly with respect to defining the luminous surface. Please see our Knowledgebase article #889.
Button Toolkit Docking You will notice all the buttons are now consolidated into Toolkits on the right side of the screen. Right click on the title bar (top of the toolkit) to see a menu of docking selections.
Calculation Summary Schedule The Numeric Summary Schedule and the Statistical Area Summary Schedule have been combined into the Calculation Summary Schedule. Why? There was a lot of confusion between "Statistical" and "Numeric". Since a Statistical Area is a subset of a Calculation, it makes sense to combine the two in the same schedule!
Move or Delete Schedules There is no longer a need for Move or Delete commands under the Schedule function. Simply use the Move or Delete commands from the Drawing Entity toolkit.
Updating Textures We have added a sizeable number of new textures. This requires that we overwrite the old Textures database. Sorry, but any textures you have added must be added again (the JPG files should still be there), and job files with custom textures are unaffected. AGi32's approach to textures is much improved in the 2.1 release.
Orbit (Interactive Isometric) in Model Mode You have been dying to do this-here it is! Simply hold down the Shift key while pressing down your mouse wheel and you can interactively Orbit around the last zoom point (scroll in or out one click with the mouse wheel to set the orbit center, then orbit).
Auto-Update Function Due to an enormous number of issues with end user firewalls and security settings, the AGi32 Auto-update command has changed. It will now go directly to your login on our website to download the update manually.
Photometric Toolbox If you own Photometric Toolbox, you must have version 1.6x to be compatible with AGi32 2.0 and version 1.7 to be compatible with AGi32 2.1. Updates available from our Estore.
Assistant Obsolete The Assistant is no longer available for Version 2.0. We plan on a variety of improved multi-media videos for AGi32 learning assistance to be available soon!
Photometric Instabase Manufacturer photometric offerings now support the new outdoor Luminaire Classification System (LCS) and Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER). Check out the new tabs and query capability! IMPORTANT - you will need to update the manufacturers data before these features are available.

To update manufacturer data:
  1. Remove the manufacturer from the Instabase
  2. Delete their folder in \My Documents\AGI32\PhotometricData_Files
  3. Add them again from the tab
Daylighting Tutoorial Questions about correct model construction for daylight analysis? Spend an hour with the new Daylighting Tutorial in the Help and develop a clear understanding of the fundamentals.
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