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AGi32 version 16 – Enhancements
Now import PDF files as Background Images

We have added the ability to import PDF format files as Background Images (Tools-Background Imagaes) to AGi32 version 16.4. Vector based PDF files are rasterized (and possibly down sampled) to allow the content to function as a bitmapped background in AGi32. You can work on top of these images exactly like backgrounds from Google Earth other sources.

Watch this short video

Design Isolines (real-time direct calculation isolines)
  • Design Isolines - Design Isolines are interactive isolines that automatically update as changes are made to the environment without having to recalculate (e.g. placing or modifying luminaires). This is a real-time direct light calculation intended to facilitate rapid luminaire placement during initial design.
    • Specify isoline contour values and colors in Settings, these same values will be used in the standard isoline dialog the first time the dialog is opened (and vice versa).
    • Design Isolines can consider obstructions. The program monitors the time to regenerate the display when modifying luminaires. If the time exceeds a predetermined threshold, obstructions are no longer considered to improve performance (a hint is displayed when this happens).
  • Watch this short video
Dynamic Templates (templates are now automatically created)
  • All existing luminaires can immediately have a template by just clicking on the template button. If no contour values have been specified (also tied to Design Isoline contour values) the settings dialog will appear.
  • In the Luminaire toolkit, the template button now globally controls template visibility (press on/off). Template settings are now saved with the job file. All templates are now dynamic (automatically created when enabled).
  • Watch this short video
New Instabase in the Cloud – a powerful search engine for luminaire photometry
  • The old Instabase system has been discontinued and replaced with a search-centric cloud database. Rather than browsing for IES files (which can still be done), the new preferred mode of interaction is to build simple search queries (source type, wattage, application, mounting and more) to be executed across the manufacturers you have currently loaded.
  • Easily load only the manufacturers of interest at the moment for searching. No downloading of entire databases to your local drive.
  • Download only the IES files meeting your search criteria.
  • Create multiple sets of favorites and your own preferred search queries.
  • Watch this short video
Calculate PPFD for horticulture!
Build composite IES files
  • Certain situations exist when it is very handy to be able to consolidate multiple IES files located in near proximity to one another into a single photometric file. The new “composite” file can then be placed as needed. Examples might be high-mast luminaires on a lowering device, back-to-back (or other) assemblies for BUG calculation or individual LED fixtures combined into a larger arrangement.
  • AGi32 now allows you to build the Group and create a composite file from within the Luminaire Define dialog.
And More…
  • New command – Move Luminaire and Orient
  • Photometric Web command has been renamed to Photometric Web/Indicator to reflect additional functionality. You can now select an Orientation Indicator as part of the web display. In addition, you can select to only display web/indicator while adding or modifying a luminaire. Dialog defaults are now controlled by Tools-System Settings (as far as when and if they are reset)
  • Modify-Luminaire-Re-aim – The previous aiming vector and template (if defined) is shown (dotted line) while re-aiming as a reference (similar to when you move a luminaire)
  • View-Set Limits – Lower Left Corner (LLC) and Upper Right Corner (URC) are automatically set regardless of how the area was specified using the Specify option. In other words, it is no longer necessary to specify the area from the LLC to the URC
  • Define Luminaire – Model Mode Symbol is no longer accessible if ‘Model Mode Symbol Same As Render Mode Symbol’ option is selected in the Render Symbol dialog
  • Added language support for Scene Summary and Scene/Channel Summary Schedules
  • Roadway Standards – Added compact version (illuminance only) of Brazilian Roadway Standard (ABNT NBR5101-2012(C))
  • When creating certain entities (e.g. rooms, objects), the Z-Coord display in the lower right-hand corner will display a warning icon if the current z-coordinate is not zero
  • Project Manager – Added Points Visibility to CalcPts menu
  • All Modify-Luminaire-<CMD> -Single commands now allow multiple single locations to be selected
  • Define-Luminaire – The ‘Label already exists‘ warning message is no longer displayed when redefining an existing luminaire
  • Old Instabase has been removed from the Define Luminaire dialog
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