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SketchUp Plugin

Lighting Analysts has written a plugin for SketchUp (Make or Pro version 2014 or newer) that will export content from SketchUp to an intermediate file format (LaiDex: Lighting Analysts Data Exchange) that can be imported into your new or existing AGi32 files (version 15.3 or later). This opens an entire world (literally*) of 3D content that can be used inside of AGi32.

* SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse contains almost every type of object imaginable, millions of them!

The plugin is free and can be downloaded here or from our downloads page.

Note: The SketchUp Plugin will only work if installed on SketchUp in a Windows PC environment.


Installing the plugin

  1. Download the plugin from the links above, save it anywhere on your system
  2. Open SketchUp
  3. Open the Window menu and select Preferences
  4. Select Extensions from the left side of the dialog
  5. Click on the Install Extension button
  6. Locate Lighting Analysts “Export to AGi32” plugin and select
  7. SketchUp will install the extension (plugin), check the box to enable

Updating the plugin (when updates are released)

  1. Download the updated plugin
  2. Open SketchUp
  3. Open the Window menu and select Preferences
  4. Uncheck the existing “Export to AGi32” plugin
  5. Exit SketchUp to unload the existing plugin
  6. Restart SketchUp and return to Window/Preferences
  7. Select Extensions from the left side of the dialog
  8. Click on the Install Extension button
  9. Locate Lighting Analysts “Export to AGi32” UPDATED plugin and select
  10. SketchUp will install the extension (plugin), check the box to enable

Plugin Performance

The Export to AGi32 plugin creates an intermediate file format called LaiDex (LAI data exchange). This file can be imported to AGi32 using the import command or by drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer. The first release of the plugin supports SketchUp material color, but does not import textures. We expect this to be available shortly.

Exporting SketchUp content to be used in AGi32 is very easy and generally speaking, should perform reasonably well in your AGi32 models. Many native SketchUp models are low-poly consisting primarily of faces which are efficient in AGi32. However, keep in mind, some SketchUp models can still be very detailed and a sanity check should be performed on your end before you try and import very complicated models. All of the same issues as importing 3D-DWG can still exist, especially if the model was originally created in another program and exported to SKP format. This can be seen in the 3D Warehouse on occasion. With those cautions in mind, move forward!

Using the Plugin

Using SketchUp content in AGi32 can be extremely rewarding and is very natural for objects such as furniture, appliances, cars and machines. Even complete structures can be reasonably efficient if not too complicated.

  1. Open the SketchUp model you are interested in exporting. Select the portions of the model you want to export in SketchUp. They can be Components or just parts. If you select nothing, the entire model will be exported.
  2. Go to the Plugins menu and select “Export to AGi32”. The plugin will create a LaiDex file (LAI Data Exchange) which can be read by AGi32. Name and save it as you like.
  3. Open AGi32. You can bring the exported SketchUp content into an existing or new file. Here are the methods you can use to import the new content:
    1. Drag and drop the exported LaiDex file into the AGi32 Model area by positioning a Windows Explorer window over the AGi32 model area. The LLHC of the object will be attached to the cursor. Click to drop. You can drop multiple instances.
    2. Go to the Import command in AGi32 and select LaiDex file from the menu. The LLHC of the object will be attached to the cursor. Click to drop. You can drop multiple instances.
    3. Double-click on the LaiDex file. This will open a new instance of AGi32 with the object dropped at the origin.

Once imported the SketchUp models are AGi32 objects and can be operated on by all the usual tools.

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