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Current Release

The following is a list of known issues in the current release of the indicated product along with a workaround (if there is one) and the status of the issue. In general, these issues will be addressed in the next release. In the meantime, if you encounter one of these issues, please use the workaround.

AGi32 17.4  hide...
Date Issue Workaround Status
2016-11-01 AGi32 v17.3 (or greater) job files containing a Page Builder Report with a locked Master Page are NOT backward compatible! The program will crash and display the error 'RTE 35601 - Element not found' when attempting to access Page Builder in earlier versions. This compatibility issue cannot be changed! Workaround: Unlock or remove the Master Page before sharing a AGi32 v17.3 (or greater) file with someone using an earlier version. Ideally, only share files with someone using the current version! Known Issue
Bug fixes in previous versions
Common Hardware/OS Related Issues

The following is a list of common hardware and/or operating system (OS) related issues that affect the current release of the indicated product along with a workaround (if there is one) and the status of the issue.

AGi32 17.4  hide...
Date Issue Workaround Status
2013-10-22 Text in dialogs does not appear correctly (overlapping or cut-off). If standard fixes do not work (e.g. set display size to default), you may have encountered a bug in Windows (7 and Vista).

Please see this Knowledgebase Article for more information and instructions on how to fix the problem.
Known OS Issue
2013-10-22 Render image (or part of it) remains on the screen after exiting Render Mode.

Program crashes with a Windows error message when attempting to calculate and/or access Render Mode.

Images in Roadway Optimizer and/or Room Estimator do not look right (e.g. text is partially displayed).
These problems are most likely caused by the graphics card/driver not properly handling the graphics data sent by AGi32.

The easiest resolution is to disable Hardware Acceleration in Render Mode and/or in Dialog Viewers (Tools-System Settings-Advanced Settings). Be sure to Save Settings as Startup Default. This video will show you how: Disabling Hardware Acceleration in AGi32

Another possible resolution is to upgrade your graphics driver.
Known Hardware Issue
2013-10-22 Unable to access Render Mode or Help-About (RTE #53 - File not found) or import/export CAD files (Error opening DWG host application).

These problems occur if the Windows environment parameter PATH does not point to the AGi32 folders.
Reboot your computer! The PATH parameter is set during installation of AGi32. However, in some cases, the parameter is not recognized by the system until the computer is rebooted. Known OS Issue
Bug fixes in previous versions
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