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Support - VRML
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What is VRML?

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is 3D technology allowing the creation of complete virtual "worlds" which can be viewed locally on your computer or across the Internet. The only requirement for viewing a VRML world is that you must have a VRML player. Through the use of the player, the VRML world can be viewed interactively offering walkthrough capability in real time. Players are easily obtained on the web, some at no cost (see below).

From our perspective, VRML offers AGi32 users the ability to share 3-dimensional models of the lighted environment with others who don't own AGi32. AGi32 provides an easy export avenue from rendering mode to create a VRML world from your AGi32 model. This means your AGi32 visualizations (without textures), can be exported to VRML to create a transportable file that can be emailed to a client or posted on the web. Imagine working up a model for a client in AGi32, rendering the model, then exporting it to VRML. Proceed to email the VRML world to your client who can view it immediately with the use of a VRML player. This allows immediate exchange of information in the form of an interactive 3-dimensional world depicting your lighting design.

Need a VRML player?

Many VRML players are available free of charge on the Internet. Some are particular about the browser you run and you may have to try more than one to get satisfactory results. Here are some suggestions. Grab one and get started! You can also review a list of current VRML players and plugins at the National Institute of Standards and Technology website:

Viewer name

Browser compatability for AGi32 VRML

Download link

Cosmo player by Cosmo Software

Not tested

Download it free from

Octaga Player for VRML
(fee for commercial version)

IE7& FireFox have been tested, also operates as stand alone software

Download it free from

Cortona VRML Client (recommended)
IE7 has been tested
Download it free from

For more information on VRML try these resources:

VRML samples from AGi32

Click on the thumbnail to open the VRML world (you must have a player installed on your computer). All environments seen in these VRML examples have been created 100% by AGi32. Objects including desks, chairs, tables, cars and trucks are part of the factory delivered AGi32 object libraries.

IMPORTANT! - The more complex VRML worlds may take a couple of minutes to load depending on your connection.



10/23/01 - 488 Kb

Church Sanctuary and pulpit

10/23/01 - 2350 Kb

Sales showroom

10/23/01 - 1295 Kb

Whimsical dome ceiling room with indirect lighting

10/23/01 - 1116 Kb

Tents and trees - exterior setting

8/18/00 - 207 Kb

An empty Lighting Analysts office (vintage 2000)

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